Port Royal Ltd
Jack of Trades


"Greetings, and of course, salutations.
Where're you from?
Where're you headed?
It doesn't matter, really.
You're here, so, welcome.
I'd ask what brought you, but in the end, the same winds will take you.
You need not make any declarations.
Port Royal is a land of the free.
Whether business or pleasure, there are numerous ways to enjoy your stay.
Please stop by the Port Royal Gift Shop before you next depart the harbour.
Stay safe and mind your own business(es)!"

- Weathered Dockmaster

Travel & Tourism

"Welcome to Port Royal!
The Dockmaster has seen you, yes?
Most wonderful.
Let me show you the latest attractions!"

- Cheerful Tour Guide


A beacon against tough times.

A little piece of paradise.

A small technical library.

Coming Attractions


Essential Oils for life things.

Artificial Intelligence


"Port Royal is a land of the free.
When you forget what that means, you can visit the Figurehead.
Its inscription is one of our very first foundation stones!
This local favorite scratches the surface of everyone's highest hopes."

- Cheerful Tour Guide

Some time in 2016 I decided to stop relying on LinkedIn for my "professional" presence online. From that decision, me.com was born. With it came a challenge that patiently sat before me for over a year, "What exactly am I to do with me.com?" I thought, "There must be some way that I can leverage me.com in the war against the Enemy."

The Enemy: "Be some place at some time, because someone else said so, or else you'll starve."

Naturally, those terms were unacceptable.

Gift Shop

"Hey! How are ya?!
Ever had a warm fuzzy?
That satisfying tingle in your chest?
Not whiskey.
You know, that warm fuzzy feeling...
Now you can take it anywhere!"

- Smooth Sales Associate

[Locket of Warm Fuzzies*]
"Just enough for a rainy day."
[Bag of Warm Fuzzies*]
"Enough to share with your friends."
[Chest of Warm Fuzzies*]
"Warm fuzzies for everyone!"

Next Shipment

[Static Website]
"Your very own piece of paradise!"

* A non-taxable, charitable donation.